Helping Your Pet Adjust to Your New Home
This Saturday, September 17th between 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., Walton Animal Guild is hosting the “Doggone Yard Sale” in Downtown Monroe to raise money for homeless animals and pet owners in our community. The address is 227 South Broad Street, Monroe. Stop by for your complimentary dog treats courtesy of Algin Realty!
In light of this life saving event, here is a few pointers to make moving to a new home with your furry companion an easy one!
Visit Your Vet Prior to Move: Go ahead and get your pet’s shots updated and obtain of copy of their files. This will give you time to find a vet closer to your new home and will make it a seamless transfer for your pet.
Keep A Routine: Don’t wash any beds or toys before the move, changing the scent of these items can cause unwanted anxiety for your pet. Also try to place their bed, crates, toys, and bowls in the same areas of your new home as the old one. Keeping the same routine such as feeding time, play time, and night time will make the transition less worrisome for your baby.
Allow Your Pet To Time to Adjust: Moving to a new home can be very overwhelming for you and your pet. There are so many new sights, smells, and surroundings for them to explore. Some pets take days to get accustomed to just one room, so start introducing them to a small area at a time. Does Fido get excited easily? Your pet may get over excited about their new home, making frequent potty breaks is a must! 
Update Tags: Don’t forget to have your pet’s registrations and tags updated with your new address and current phone number. Hopefully there will be no wandering and you will not need to rely on the use of your pet’s tag, but it is best to be prepared!
Keeping these few thoughts in mind when moving your pet will make them (and you) feel more at home!

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