Colorful landscapes, crisp breeze, deep fried foods, and pumpkins. What’s not to love about fall? There have been so many incredible fairs and festivals throughout the area that offer plenty of seasonal fun! And let’s not forget an all time favorite, chili cook-offs!


Chili cook-offs have become a fall tradition to many. Whether they go to taste each contestant’s chili and vote for their favorite or to set up a booth and cook/serve the chili, people look forward to these events year after year. This year, Algin Realty participated in Madison’s 12th Annual Chili Cook-off and the 12th Annual Hot Tamale Chili Cook-off in Grayson. These two events were definitely ones for the books, even if we have a bunch of oyster crackers leftover and are still eating them everyday to make sure they don’t get stale.


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Every year, we have awesome (but crazy) ideas with a very short time to get them finished and every year our team pulls together and transforms these crazy ideas into a reality! Two days prior to the first Chili Cook-off, we decided to change our original plan for the theme of our booth. Building a 10×10 tiny house in two days, disassembling it to travel, and reassembling it on site is no small feat! Our team managed to pull it off and won 1st Place in Showmanship (Best Booth) in both Chili Cook-offs!
Congratulations to all the winners! A big shout out to Ginny for her amazing ideas, Michael, Eddie, & everyone who pitched in to get our booth built, Alan & John for being the best head chefs, and Amy, Danielle, & Becca for helping work the booths! We could not have pulled this off without the help of our AMAZING TEAM! Thank you!

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